We are ON TOUR, and we have 1 GOAL:
to fight against breast cancer and raise awareness.

To reach this goal, we created 2 CONCEPTS:
Pink Duck Fiesta and Pink Duck Race.

We are eager to do this together with you, we need your help!
To support Think Pink Europe and local breast cancer organizations, you can buy or adopt your own Pink Ducks.

Our Mama Duck is joining us on tour! Most people are incredibly surprised when they see her.
She is huge, 3 meters high! Not because she ate too much, but because she is so smart 🙂 She is the smartest duck in the world.

We decided to use Pink Duck Fiesta and Pink Duck Race to spread awareness and information about this disease.
To be prepared for this big challenge, we started working out because, as you know, a healthy lifestyle can be very important to prevent breast cancer.

As the team captain, let me tell you more about the goal of Pink Ducks On Tour:
when we heard that worldwide 1 in 8 women would be diagnosed with breast cancer one day, we realized that we had to do something to help!

Together with my Pink Ducks team and our Mama Duck, we decided to swim for a higher cause and start this adventure!
We are planning to visit many European countries and who knows, we may travel worldwide.

Our Pink Ducks on Tour schedule is really busy but also fun.
In every country we travel to, we want to enjoy the vibrant cultural scene: exhibits, concerts, festivals, theatres, and much more.
As proud guests, we plan to visit lovely locations in all the host cities: events, companies, gyms, restaurants, …

And in the end, we will swim as fast as we can! We promise! It is important to all of us! Mama Duck says: Yes, you can!

So, please go to pinkducksontour.com for more info and help us fight breast cancer! We can’t do this alone…

Quack, quack!

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